Angel Guidance Monday 11th – Sunday 17th December 2017

Angel Guidance Monday 11th – Sunday 17th December 2017

Angel Guidance

“It’s not a matter of coping with life, it’s about “coping” with this moment. When you try to cope with life of course you feel overwhelmed because you are trying to do the impossible. Life doesn’t happen all at once, from your perspective life happens in each moment.

“If you’re trying to deal with something “down the line” and to fix what has not yet happened, of course you are going to feel that you can’t cope. You are not a magician, so don’t try to do the impossible. You are on the other hand infinite spirit so nothing is impossible, but we recommend leaving the time travelling until you have mastered other areas of your life!

“So if you’re wondering Dearly Beloved how you are going to cope, just ask yourself this one simple question – “what am I fighting against?” Because when you are in a state of “coping” you are in a state of resistance. You are also in a state of isolation, not believing there is a higher power to assist you and trying to do it all yourself.

“Lean on us, hand us your problems, ask for our guidance and assistance. We cannot live your life for you but we can help to make it a great deal easier.

“Ask us to help you to keep your thoughts aligned with love and to let go of all fearful, worrisome thoughts.

“We are ever present, always waiting for you to call on us.”

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra, a life alchemist dedicated to helping people like you to deeply heal, to discover your purpose, and live your best life. Learn More Here

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  • Well Sandra whether I was the target or not I’m taking it haha. Thanks, and just so you know I’m in really good form and feeling relatively calm since your webinars and practising ever day.
    All the best and have a lovely Christmas

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