Your Angel Guidance, Monday 15th – Sunday 21st January

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance, Monday 15th – Sunday 21st January

“There is a definite shift in your subtle energies over the past six weeks (and longer). You have encountered this shift in many ways, some of which have been difficult but also necessary. Your energy is reaching new levels as wave after wave of higher energy floods your being. This is good.

“When you align with these higher energies you feel good. It is only when you resist that you feel discomfort. It is natural for you to resist because you feel you are losing something, a part of you that has been very familiar, like an old friend. Of course you are not losing anything, you are gaining something new.

“In order to make space for the new energy to come in, old stagnant energy is shifting and this has caused discomfort. This is not permanent and this too shall pass. You are integrating the energy on higher levels than before and it seems very new to you but familiar at the same time. The energy is familiar as it is You but a You who has been lost for a long time. It’s the You who you have been longing to resurrect, and now it is coming to pass.

“The shifts are coming in waves and each one brings in higher levels of source energy. The less you resist, the easier the transition. We know this is hard for you and you feel like your world is being turned upside down and inside out, but it is simply shifting into place!

“The life you long for is before you but there are still some integrations to be made. Embrace the process and peace will be your reward. We are with you now to support you in whatever way is needed. You have the power to navigate the transition with ease. Simply knowing what is happening is making the shift easier already. You are growing into yourself and there can be growing pains but not always, especially if you are open to change.”

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One response

  • Hi Sandra
    I hope your well. There is a very positive shift happening for me so far this year. I have had the best start to 2018. I told you about my decision to become an SNA, I’m enrolled for a course starting APRIL, I was approved for funding to help with the costs,
    my principal actually told me I’m doing my work experience with them and if they are allocated a third position I am it. I am very busy with the folk group and I am at last tying up loose ends that needed my attention following my separation, over two years ago. This shift began following your webinars. I am very grateful for them. I am feeling very positive again and adamant that with the assistant of all my guides in spirit world, my divine angelic team of light I will see my desires manifest for the greater good of all concerned.
    Namaste Sandra

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