Your Angel Guidance – Monday 5th – Sunday 11th February

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance – Monday 5th – Sunday 11th February

“There is an energy of hope in the air, of newness and good things to come. This is a special time for you, a time of growing and opportunity. Just like the spring buds are beginning to form, so too is a sense of newness, of wonder and of potential forming within you. Can you sense the excitement, the potentiality waiting to burst forth?

“It is a time to create, to express yourself and to take time to nurture your creativity. Enjoy the process without the finish line being constantly in sight. You don’t have to work towards anything, you can simply express yourself for the love and joy of it! Imagine, simply having no agenda other than joy and love! How would that feel? Exciting, liberating?

“Allow yourself to be in your creative expression without limits, without an agenda, without reason. Train yourself to do things for the fun of it rather than for any other reason.

“When you nurture your expressive side out of fun and creativity, it opens up so many doors for you. It frees you from the burden of obligation, expectation and worry.

“Take some time today to do this. It doesn’t have to be a big creative endeavour, the easier and quicker it is the better! Then you have no excuse not to do it. Take time each day to do this and watch as your life opens up for you.”

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