Your Angel Guidance Monday 19th – Sunday 25th February 2018

Angel Guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 19th – Sunday 25th February 2018

“So many of you still have not grasped the concept of forgiveness. You feel that it is something you surrender but in reality it is a gift to yourself. Forgiveness is not conceding your rights or saying someone is right or wrong, it is merely setting yourself free. Free from the shackles of resentment, grief, judgement and pain. When you free yourself from these states, you make room for greater light to enter and greater joy to be felt. So in forgiving, you are allowing yourself to become more joyful and free. It’s that simple.

There is no down side to forgiveness. It always benefits you, the one doing the forgiving. there is always an upside for the one who is forgiving because it sets them free. There is also an upside for those who they are forgiving because it sets them free also. Each party is then free to live without the burdens of unforgiveness, and a burden it is indeed. When you refuse to forgive, we do not judge you, we see that it is difficult for you and we encourage you to let go of the hatred and anger inside. When you are ready to let go, forgiveness happens naturally, but as long as you are more comfortable with your hatred, you cannot forgive. You can’t hold onto the hatred and forgive at the same time, it is impossible.

“The only way to let go of hatred is to realise that it is directed only at yourself. It may seem that it is directed at another but this can’t be so. It is not possible to harm another without harming yourself. Hatred, judgement and resentment are all forms of harm against yourself first and foremost. They are toxic emotions and they make your body toxic over time when continually retained. Would you drink poison and expect to be fine? It is the same with toxic emotions, they quietly poison you from the inside. This may sound harsh but it may be just what you need to hear at this point in time. You may not even realise you are holding onto such emotions. They have been there so long they seem natural to you.

“Again, we do not judge you, we are simply observing what is. You can begin to cleanse your body and your emotions today. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. All too often you like to draw things out when they don’t need to take such time. Quieten your mind. Ask yourself which toxic emotions are now ready for release? And call on us Angels to take them away. As you feel their release, let go. Be willing to let go fully. Then allow yourself to connect with the light. See the light inside you, filling up every space where the toxic energy once was. Know that you are free.

“Repeat this as many times as you like. The more the better! Enjoy the release and the freedom it offers you.”

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