Your Angel Guidance – Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd April 2018

Angel Guidance

Your Angel Guidance – Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd April 2018

“What brings you joy? You don’t often stop to ask yourself this. You know what brings you joy but until you put it into words you can’t actively seek joy in your life. Joy is within you of course but you can have the benefit of joyful experiences which can help you to expand your awareness of the joy within.

“So what experiences feel joyful to you? How often do you consciously have these experiences? Not that often if you are being truthful. Why not? Do you feel you don’t deserve to be in a state of joy? Do you feel that true joy is reserved for others and not you? Or do you feel that joy is unattainable, at least not all of the time?

“We’d like you to begin to consciously create joyful experiences on a daily basis. When you connect with the joy within, you raise your energetic frequency. This in turn attracts more of the same to you. Joy attracts more joy, just as stress attracts more stress!

You don’t have to create elaborate experiences to feel joy. Joy comes from observing a sunset, being immersed completely in the experience. Joy comes from a child’s laughter, from sharing, from relaxing. What brings you joy?

“Spend more and more time in the experience of joy. Make it your life mission, your top priority.

“Of course, your don’t have to do this. You can choose to align with stress and fear. But we know you love to feel joyful and we want for you to feel good.

“When you realise you have a choice, you can decide to choose joy, life becomes so much easier. It is just a series of decisions. “Is this bringing me joy or something else? How does this make me feel? How am I choosing to feel? What am I focusing on?”

“Being in a state of joy is not only attainable for you, it is your true nature. Feeling joy is simple letting go of your resistance to joy. So begin by asking yourself “what brings me joy?” Start here and see where it takes you. We promise you won’t be disappointed!”

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