Your Angel Guidance – Monday 18th – Sunday 24th June 2018

Angel Guidance

Your Angel Guidance – Monday 18th – Sunday 24th June 2018

“There is a feeling of freedom emerging. A feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on, it feels new somehow and it is new. The opportunity to step into new levels of freedom is ripe. You have come a long way and you have learnt a lot. We commend you for the insight you have gained so far.

“If you are ready to take this next step on your journey, we are ready to walk with you. Yes, the future is unknown but every day, every moment is unknown as nothing is certain. Is it not better to bravely leap forward rather than meekly crawl towards your destination? You would not be here now if you were not able.

“There is nothing that is unattainable for you. Do you realise this? Can you truly grasp the meaning of this? The full understanding of this is beyond your imagination but you don’t need to fully understand, all you need is a hint of awareness. That is all! The rest is taken care of by forces so powerful words cannot begin to describe.

“So you don’t need the full picture, or even the majority of it, your awareness is all that is needed. And even this, even this is not always a necessity.

“Become aware of your greatness. Become aware of your power. Become aware of the beauty of life and all will unfold before you.”

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra, a life alchemist dedicated to helping people like you to deeply heal, to discover your purpose, and live your best life. Learn More Here

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