Your Angel Guidance – Monday 26th November – Sunday 2nd December

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance – Monday 26th November – Sunday 2nd December

“Are you prepared to be free? Do you believe you can be free? Free from fear and all that is holding you back?

“You hesitate because you don’t really believe it. You don’t know what life could be like beyond fear, but it is possible. It’s possible to live a life of freedom, to feel free and to experience the unlimitedness of being without imposed restrictions.

“How would it feel to live this way? Expansive, joyous, liberating? It would indeed feel all of these things and so much more.

“So why do you not live this way?

“You are not aware that this way of being is available to you. You believe that you have to struggle and strive to get through life. You have forgotten that life is meant to be joyous and expansive and liberating.

“But it IS meant to be this way. It is possible to live this way. It is available to you now.

“The process of release of all that no longer serves you can be a painful one when you resist the release. When you try to hold onto hurt and pain, you suffer. But you can let it go without pain and suffering. You can beseech us to take the hurt from you. Give it to us now… just ask us and we will lighten your burden. Be sure to breathe, relax and let it go. We can’t take something that you hold onto tightly. Let it all go, the hurt, the pain, the worry, the fear. Let it all go now.”

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