Your Angel Guidance Monday 11th – Sunday 17th February 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 11th – Sunday 17th February 2019

“Dear One, you are right where you need to be. Don’t fret or stress about getting to the next “level” of your journey, enjoy where you are right now. Yes, there is more to unfold, there is more to do and there is more to achieve but for now, relax. It will all unfold in it’s own time. You are your own master of your world and your world is wonderful in this moment. Enjoy it.

“Think about all the times when you have missed the opportunity to enjoy the moment because you were trying to get to the “next” moment. There is no next moment, only now. When you realise that there is nothing better to reach in the next moment you will stop struggling. All the good feelings you’re running towards are available to you now. Do you realise this? Everything you are hoping to achieve, be, do, is available to you now.

“But how, you ask?

By feeling the feeling you want to feel when you achieve, be and do those things.

Why is it you want to do so much in the first place? Because you want to feel a certain way. Feel that way now!

“Stop and try it. How do you want to feel?

“Close your eyes and tune into that feeling, let it grow inside you. Don’t force it, don’t expect it to be a certain way, just allow the feeling to be there within you.

“It feels good doesn’t it?

“Try it again. Close your eyes and choose another feeling you want to experience.

“When you get good at feeling the feeling without having to have the outer experience, your life will be a joy to live because you realise that everything you want is available inside you.”

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I’m Sandra Rea, an Author, Healer & Speaker & I teach spiritual empowerment for women. I help you to create a life more extraordinary through meditation, manifestation and mastering your mindset. Want to work with the Angels to release Health Blocks, Money Blocks and Relationship Blocks? Find out more here.

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