Your Angel Guidance Monday 6th – Sunday 12th May 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 6th – Sunday 12th May 2019

“Uncertainty is the ground you walk between the known and unknown. It is the place of infinite possibilities because now you are not operating from your limited perspective, you are opening up to unlimited potential. This can feel strange to you as you are morphing from one state to another, a bit like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly.

“Most of you resist being in uncertainty because it feels… uncertain and you miss out on the potential that awaits you. Eventually you have to step into this space because it is impossible for you to stay static but most of you move forward with great resistance.

“Imagine you stepped into this space openly, lovingly, and with anticipation rather than fear? Imagine you opened up to possibility and the adventure of life instead of resisting? What would it feel like to move through life this way?

“At first it would feel fearful as you step into the unknown, but as you begin to recognise the expansion and embrace it, it feels wonderful. Your soul knows this space of expansion, possibility and potential and LOVES to be in this state. Whatever your soul loves, you love, as you are one and the same.

“Begin to open up to it. Allow the uncertainty. Embrace the unknown, for it is in this state that you open up to something different, something new, something wonderful. Allow all of it.

“You are eternally safe, there is nothing to fear. Enjoy the ride!

“With you as always in love, your Angels and guides.”

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