Your Angel Guidance Monday 26th August – Sunday 1st September 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 26th August – Sunday 1st September 2019

“There is inherent value and then there is the value you place upon things. You have seen the difference between these many times. You are aware of the value of things yet you are blissfully unaware at the same time.

“What you value is worth more to you than to others and vice versa. Each of you values things differently. This is what creates diversity and this is good. When you believe something is of value and is beyond your means, you feel lack. Lack is a complete illusion. You live in an abundant universe, there is no lack. But you have created this illusion for yourself and so it seems real to you. What you believe in you experience. When you believe in lack, you experience lack. Simply believe in abundance and you will experience abundance.

“But belief is a tricky subject for you. This is what you are here to master, amongst other things.

“In the spirit world you don’t have to master belief because there is nothing to believe in, everything is truth, therefore belief isn’t needed. When you come into this physical existence everything is still truth but you don’t perceive it to be so (unless you want to). So you come to believe in certain things and not believe in others. This has been your reality and this is your “challenge” to overcome belief. When everything is truth belief doesn’t factor. But how do you know this truth when your experience seems different?

“This is the fun part. This is what you have come for. You relished the opportunity to play this game before you came into your physical being. You understood that there would be levels of mastery to uphold. This was part of the reason you came.

“Belief is your creation. You can do with it what you want. You can create beliefs that you like and that please you, or you can create beliefs that you don’t like and displease you. The choice is yours. You can believe that you are good at something and your experience proves this to be true. Equally you can believe you are “bad” at something and again your experience proves this to be true. It is not that you are good or bad, it is simply your belief playing itself out.

“You can change your beliefs. Do you believe it is hard to change your beliefs? Then it will be hard. Do you believe it is easy to change your beliefs? Then it will be easy.

“Do you see the pattern, the game? It is all a fun game and you choose… you choose what to believe in. Start believing in yourself and your capacity to create positive change in your life. You have the power.”

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I’m Sandra Rea, an author, healer & spiritual teacher.

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