Your Angel Guidance Monday 20th – Sunday 26th November 2017

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 20th – Sunday 26th November 2017

“A seismic shift in energy is happening now and you are feeling it’s effects. It’s nothing to worry about, all part of the process of transformation and as you continue to transform, you continue to feel these shifts in energy ever more. It’s a bit like your computer operating system upgrade, you have to restart your computer to get the benefits of the new operating system.

“You are not broken, just in transition. The transition can be painful or easy, depending on your level of resistance. Resist nothing! Go with the flow and you will ease through the changes. Resist and life may seem difficult for a while. Either way, you will come out the other side and you will start feeling better.

“You will start to see a rise in your energy in the coming days. You will go from strength to strength and your vitality will be renewed. Call on us to support you during this phase of transition.

“Do not let fear cloud your mind. Transition and transformation is the most natural process. You see it abound in nature and yet, humans see it as a cause of suffering simply because you cling to the old. Let go my friends, there is nothing to fear. If a tree feared being stripped of it’s leaves in Autumn, it would miss the wonderful opportunity to blossom come Spring.

“Your Spring is coming. In fact, it is closer than you think. Your Spring is coming.”


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