Your Angel Guidance Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd September 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd September 2019

“You ask yourself if you are on the “right” path but there is no “right” path. All paths lead to your growing understanding. All roads serve you in some way. Yes, there are easier paths, there are ways that will bring much joy and light. This is your choice, in each moment. Even when you are on a path that seems less joyful, you can choose in an instant to choose the path of joy. In this instant you can “jump tracks” so to speak. You can instantly step up to your path of joy. It doesn’t have to take time and this is where a lot of you are mistaken. You think that you have to spend time striving to get where you want. This is not the way of love and light.

“When you are working from the principles of your physical reality you think you need to spend time and effort to get to where you want. Instead start working from an energy perspective. Energy is ever moving, flowing, changing. Energy moves quickly (instantly) because that is the nature of energy. When you work with energy you get where you want much quicker than you would when you try to orchestrate physical events and circumstances.

“We want you to come to realise this, and know this, and use this knowledge in your life. Start working with the energy of your desires rather than the belief that it takes time and effort. This is untrue, but you make it true when you buy into it. Forget changing things from the outside and start working from within. Manage your energy, your emotions, your thoughts first.

“Be focused on what you are thinking about, be decisive about what you want. Forget about making it happen and focus on allowing the energy, aligning with the energy first. Then, maybe some action is required on your part, but much less action is needed when you are first in energetic alignment. Do you see where we are coming from?

“If you take action from a place of energetic mis-alignment, then you have to work so hard in your physical reality to see any results. On the other hand when you get aligned FIRST, it flows to you with effortless ease. Get aligned. Work with the energy first and then take action from a place of alignment and love. Have fun with this process. It is meant to be fun.

“Don’t worry about your path. Your path will take care of itself! Work on your energy and your alignment first and foremost. This is your goal.”

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra Rea, an author, healer & spiritual teacher.

I’m here to help you to connect with the Angels and ignite your spiritual power. I’m the host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and Founder of the Fiercely Spiritual Family. I help you to create a life more extraordinary through meditation, manifestation and mastering your mindset.

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