Finally, I Get It!

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The Peace That you Seek Lies Within

This was the messages that the angels gave me a few years ago “The peace that you seek lies within”. I was being told to … Read the rest

Angel Guidance for the Week Ahead

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Medical Study Finds Reiki Benefits Cancer Patients

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Angelic Guidance for the Coming Week

Weekly angel messages to guide you in your decisions and actions for the week ahead. “Your guidance this week is to stay focused. Don’t let … Read the rest

Angel Guidance for The Week Ahead

“This week focuses on love, love for self, love for others, love for the animals and the planet. Love seems to come in many guises … Read the rest

Weekly Angel Guidance

“Take a step back to view and value your work, your achievements, your life. So little time is spent appreciating yourselves and all that you … Read the rest

Angel Guidance for the Week Ahead

Read my channelled angelic message for this week on the Woman’s Way Magazine online site. “Look to this moment, for all the peace and serenity … Read the rest