Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance

Are you having a one way conversation? Have you ever had a conversation that was completely one sided, where you talked and talked and talked but didn’t stop to allow the other person to respond? We’ve all had conversations that are somewhat one sided, but there is always some back and forth. It is never just one person speaking and the other listening without responding for the entire time. It wouldn’t be a conversation if that was the case!

Take this scenario and apply it to your conversations with God or the Angels; whatever way you communicate with God, be it through prayer or simply telling God about your worries or asking for divine guidance. Have you ever stopped asking or praying to listen for an answer? I don’t mean waiting for a big booming voice to echo down from the heavens in response. Rather, waiting for a sense of knowing, a feeling or a sign. We all get these signals in answer to our prayers and requests but we haven’t stopped to listen so we think our conversation with God is one way only. Not so!

What if you could start your day by looking into a crystal ball and see the best set of circumstances and events that would play out to offer you the best outcome to your day. Would you peer into this ball and follow the direction that it presents, knowing that it is always correct? You’d be crazy not to, right?

Where is this leading to you ask? Those questions that you pose to God are always answered in some form and that crystal ball is available to you if you want it. The answer is meditation. Not just sitting in stillness for a given period, although this is part of it, but remaining mindful throughout your day and becoming aware of signs, thoughts and feelings that are coming to you. It requires some focus and retraining yourself out of certain habits, but once awareness is practiced regularly, it becomes a new way of being.

I start my day in the following way, try it out for yourself and see what happens! As I awake, I silently speak to God saying “please guide me today as to how I can be of service to you, and how I can serve to help others. Please guide my thoughts, words and actions. Make me a channel of your peace and help me to bring love into everything that I do.” I then call on the Angels in the following way “I ask for my divine angelic team of light to be present and to connect with me now. I ask the Angels to walk with me and to go before me to prepare my path in advance, a golden path of light, filled with love, joy, laughter, peace, harmony, good health, abundance, faith, forgiveness, gratitude, surrender, acceptance…” and whatever else comes to mind. I thank the Angels and God and then I start my day. During the morning, usually after breakfast, I will sit in silent meditation. I ask if there is anything that I need to know and then I sit and listen. Sometimes ideas will come to me, other times I will feel the peaceful presence that is God and sometimes my mind will remain active but I always feel more relaxed and peaceful afterwards.

Often I will get a divine guidance later that day when I am out walking or washing dishes or having a shower! I will receive inspiration to write or to contact somebody or simply to take some form of action. I recognise this as divine inspiration as it comes on as a consistent, strong flow of thoughts that are always positive or serve to answer a question or resolve a situation in a way that I might not have thought of, or it could be ideas that are new to me. I then write down what has come up so that I remember it and so I can also share it with others. If action is required, I will take action at the earliest opportunity.

I don’t always get it right and sometimes I struggle with decisions but I know that asking for direction is better than not asking at all and trying to make it up as I go along. If I hand things over to the divine, surrendering to a greater power, I don’t need to worry if I’m doing everything “right”. I trust that I will be guided. And while surrendering most certainly doesn’t mean to give up, it simply means to let go and trust that divinely guided actions will present themselves at the perfect time. I just need to stay present and aware.

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