Finding Peace with Your Emotions

Finding Peace with Your Emotions

Do you ever wish you could escape your painful emotions, hit the “off” switch and take a break from the rollercoaster of life? I know, we’ve all been there.

The issue is that we see our painful emotions as something to be avoided rather than working with our emotions and even using them as a guidance system.

In those moments when you feel your worst you have a huge opportunity to become aware, to learn, and to choose something different. Most of us miss this opportunity as we are too quick to hide our emotions, ignore them, and fight them.

In this episode I explain how to find peace with your painful emotions and how to start using them to your advantage.

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  • Hi Sandra,
    Thanks, that makes good sense. I had been pretty consistent with prayer and meditation and went into a deep place of sadness because my ex-husband who divorced me 2 years ago and betrayed me and sued me for joint custody of our dog, lol, really is now begging me for forgiveness and saying he made a terrible mistake and thinks we can just resume our relationship. It took me 2 years to fully become who I once was and feel I am now in the best place I have ever been spiritually and cannot go backwards. He is not a spiritual being and I refuse to ever be with a man who is not, due to my poor choices in men. I told him I definitely forgive him and will be friends but can never forget the betrayal. He broke up with his girlfriend after 2 years and claims it was because of our marriage and now is going through his soul searching and reaching out and for me it’s like going through my divorce all over again because he doesn’t get it. So I am dealing with this and it is bringing me deep sadness to relive all of this, but I can’t just block him because of the dog visitation rights so this helped me refocus.

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