Episode 14: Manifest A Better Life Through Reiki

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 14: Manifest A Better Life Through Reiki

Not many people associate Reiki with manifesting, it’s usually associated with healing, but what is healing? It’s simply manifesting better health! Reiki, when used appropriately can be a powerful manifesting tool.

I was chatting with someone recently who has done just that. Kara Maryn is a Reiki Master who helps change people’s mindsets by renewing their energy and raising their vibrations.

But she didn’t always lead the life she lives today. Her circumstances were very different not so long ago. She has gone from childhood abuse, being homeless at one point in her life, to now running a successful Reiki practice and living her best life.

Her secret? Kara has used Reiki consistently to take her from where she was, to doing something she loves. Her mission is to help others to do the same so that they can release their fears and love themselves deeper.

I love Kara’s inspiring story and I know you will too.

Oh and you’ll love her story about how she manifested a fridge filled with avocados and what that meant to her!

If you’re inspired to learn more about Reiki and how it can help you, I’m teaching a Reiki Level 1 Course on 21st & 22nd July. I remember when I took this course many years ago, it was such a magical experience. But what stuck in my head was a belief that my teacher had. She believed that everyone should have a minimum of Level One Reiki just to help navigate life. I couldn’t agree more. Reiki isn’t just for people who want to become healers, it’s for everyone and being attuned to Reiki is SO empowering. If you feel this is something you’d like to explore, get in touch for more information or read about the course here.

Kara Maryn

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