Finally, I Get It!


It’s been a long time coming, after years of seeking, reading, learning and teaching. I finally get what it’s all about. It’s been with me all along, I even used to sing about it as a child in choir practice. The words have greater meaning now though. I understand at a deeper level what they mean.

Let me explain, while practicing my daily Course in Miracles exercise it stated, “I will not value what is valueless, and only what has value do I seek, for only that do I desire to find.” As I settled into meditation to contemplate this idea, the song that I used to sing in choir came to mind. Now, as many of you know, the angels often communicate with me through songs, sending poignant messages through the lyrics. The hymn that came up explained everything so beautifully through one simple line: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

So what does this really mean? It simply reveals that none of the material things that we think we want will ever bring us any lasting satisfaction or happiness. There will always be more to achieve, to do, and to acquire. Where do we stop? Instead of seeking these things, these personal (ego) gains, seek first to be of service and to help others. Once your only goal is to help through whichever means you wish, then and only then will all the other things – good health, loving relationships, material wants, be offered to you in abundance. You won’t have to seek for them, as they will flow to you with ease.

Live your life this way, searching first and foremost for ways you can help others, and you will finally find peace and happiness. All the other things you thought you wanted will no longer take precedent but will be there for you in abundance.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”…
Seek only to be of service to God.

Being of service to God doesn’t mean taking a vow of poverty and becoming a priest or nun. It doesn’t mean treating everything with grave seriousness. It simply means asking God for guidance and direction in all that you do, and then carrying out what God wills for you. The beauty of this is that the way in which you carry out Gods will is up to you. The best way is usually to follow your heart, helping others using your unique gifts and talents in doing what you love to do. In this way, you’re being of service, gaining great satisfaction and fulfillment while living your life purpose. The other way around¬–the way most people operate–is doing something, anything to make money, in order to be able to buy loads of things and experiences in order to feel happy, but all the while feeling miserable! We feel stuck doing jobs that we hate in order to pay the bills and get by, wondering why we can’t seem to break through invisible barriers in terms of finances or romance or health.

In this way, we surrender to the will of God, giving up what the ego has planned in place of a better plan that God has for us. This can be hard at first. The ego will feel vulnerable and you might think that everything will fall apart if you don’t try to control the outcome. Everything may well “fall apart” but once you trust that whatever you don’t need will fall away and whatever you do need will be presented at the perfect moment, then you no longer need to worry about loosing something that in reality you don’t want. The ego may try to make you believe that you need a certain relationship or car or job but if you are prepared to let go of anything that doesn’t serve your highest benefit, then it will be replaced by something better at the appropriate time. So in reality you’re not giving up anything but gaining something of greater value. By clinging to things through fear of loosing them, we live in a constant state of worry. Why not just let go and trust that you’ll be guided to the right things, people and situations at the right time? This may involve some patience but anything worthwhile is worth waiting for!

…”And his righteousness”…
By thinking and acting honestly and lovingly.

Thinking and acting honestly involves first being truthful to yourself. So many of us fool ourselves into thinking we want something that we don’t really want. We make ourselves believe we are something that we are not. We live a lie and spend all our energy acting out this lie, trying to be something or someone we are not. Why do we do this? To please others? We can never truly please someone else by being something we are not. We can never please others by being who we truly are either, but we can please ourselves. This doesn’t mean being conceited or egotistic, on the contrary, it means lovingly being completely truthful, honest and real. It means having the courage to say and do what your heart guides you to do and not fearing repercussions. Perhaps knowing there may well be repercussions but having the courage to speak your truth and be heard.
Secondly, it involves thinking and acting honestly and lovingly not just in relation to ourselves but towards others also. Thinking loving thoughts about others, releasing judgment, forgiving when needed, having compassion and understanding. But most of all, releasing ourselves from blame and self-judgement when we do slip up. Making a concerted effort to live His righteousness each day, each moment.

…”And all these things will be added unto you.”
And everything you desire will come to you effortlessly (and more).

Put others first, think and act honestly and lovingly and the things you desire will come to you, without having to strive to get them. Ironically, you may not even want the things you thought you wanted when living this way. Your joy and fulfillment will come from seeing the happiness light up the faces of those you have helped. You will be happier receiving a kind word of gratitude from those you have been of service to than from buying some material item. Your cup will runneth over and happiness will suffuse your life. You may gratefully receive all that you desire knowing that in receiving you are allowing others the pleasure of giving and the cycle continues to flow. You know that through not receiving, you are not being gracious; rather you stifle the natural flow of the universe. You keep receiving and the universe keeps giving and in turn you have even more to give back.

Letting go of all the false beliefs that you may have learned such as not being worthy or deserving or being greedy if you receive “too much” or any number of other beliefs, you now know that you are more than worthy, you are deserving and you can never receive too much, as abundance is your true nature.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Alleluia, Alleluia”

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