Episode 40: Crystal Clear Calling

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast, Episode 40: Crystal Clear Calling

Imagine you’re sent on a business trip and your job while away is to meet with potential clients and offer them the chance to invest in your new service you’re offering. You’re super excited to go and do the meaningful work you have been sent to do, but somewhere en route you forget that you’re on a business trip and that you have clients to meet and a job to do. Instead you arrive at your destination feeling like there is something you should be doing be not quite knowing what it is… You spend your time on the beach, drinking cocktails and sunbathing. It’s great fun until you wake up the next morning, exhausted, hungover and still feeling like there is something more you’re meant to be doing. But what is it?

This analogy is like what happened when we agreed to come into our human existence. We were given gifts and talents to use and we agreed to a soul contract but we’ve forgotten about the job we were sent here to do!

If you have a sense that there is a greater meaning to your life and you’d like to get clarity about your life purpose, this week’s podcast episode will shed light on what it is you’re here to do. And when you step into that calling, that’s when you receive the greatest fulfilment in life.

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