What is Pellowah?

Pellowah was first channelled by Kachina Ma’an, an Australian spiritual teacher, in 2003 as an ascension tool. The name Pellowah is an Angelic word and means “a radical shift in consciousness.” Although the name is of Angelic origin, Pellowah comes directly from Source and not through the Angels. Its purpose is to bring about positive change through expanded consciousness and awareness.

As source energy, Pellowah is a pure loving energy transmissioned directly from the light. Unlike other forms of healing, the energy does not flow through the practitioner to the client. Since the energy works directly with the client, there is no involvement from the practitioner other than to be directed by the energy and flow with it. In this way, it is completely hands off and works very effectively when received through “remote” healing as the practitioner does not need to be present with the client for the energy to work.

Pellowah is a higher energy vibration than Reiki. Higher doesn’t necessarily mean better but clients may find Pellowah to be more effective, depending on the reason for seeking energy healing.

What does Pellowah do?

Some clients receiving Pellowah may experience a “radical shift in consciousness” straight away, with an expanded perception and new level of consciousness and awareness. Pellowah can be particularly effective when there are deep emotional issues which are often the source of physical symptoms.

Others may feel the effects on a more subtle but deep level, unfolding over the days and weeks after the energy has been received. They may notice a feeling of well being, a lightness and optimism that seems to grow naturally over time without effort. The magic of Pellowah is that it keeps working after the initial session and continues to heal and “shift” consciousness in wondrous ways.

“Some say Pellowah is like a Spiritual Awakening. Others say it is a Clarion Call to their deepest passions and direction…”
~ Julie Parker

Other benefits may include the following:

  • Clearing of blocks, leading to a positive shift.
  • Increased well being which continues to expand over time.
  • Expanded perspective & greater clarity.
  • Greater capacity for positive change & feeling empowered to make positive changes.
  • Increased perception & intuition.
  • Feelings of peace and calm.
  • Clearer connection to Source.
  • Increased confidence & inner-strength.
  • Rising above fear, self-doubt and worry.
  • Overcome anxiety & depression.
  • Connecting and activating the 12 strands of DNA.
  • Meridian alignment.

If you feel the call to experience the magic of Pellowah for yourself, contact Sandra to book a healing session:

You are drawn to Pellowah when the time is right for you.


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