Spiritual Awakening in It’s Simplest Form

Spiritual Awakening in It’s Simplest Form

So awakening in its simplest form is really just a process of release—releasing thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and energy that are not in alignment with love?
The concept of awakening is indeed very simple. It’s the process of awakening that seems to cause difficulty. There are so many paths to release, so many processes, so many options. But at the end of the day, it is simply remembering the truth of who you are. What you are is not what you have believed yourself to be, and beliefs can be powerful things. But as we discussed before, beliefs don’t really exist. All that exists is the Absolute. It’s only when you give your power over to a particular belief that it gains momentum.

If you truly knew deep down without question the truth of who you are, there would be no need for any process or path to awakening because you would already be there. So the path to being supremely aligned with love is paved with systems and processes to help you to release and remember.

Is the path easier for someone who has experienced a taste of their true nature?
Of course, because experience belies belief. If you truly believe that you are simply human form, and you come to have a spiritual experience, you can never go back to believing you are simply physical ever again. Your experience has dictated something other than your belief, and this then forms your new beliefs.

I think I know the answer to this, but what is the best way to experience our spirituality?
You think it is through meditation, but when you think back to your first “spiritual” experiences, were you in meditation? (By the way, everything is spiritual. Nothing can be separate from the spiritual. Some call it spiritual, some call it the Universe, and some call it union.)

No, I was praying for help one time. Another time, I was reading a book about Angels, and another time, I was practicing Reiki.
But even before all of these experiences, you experienced your spirituality in other ways that you would call “normal”. Having the inspiration to write songs and books was a spiritual experience. Feeling love is the ultimate spiritual experience. The other experiences when you saw or felt something powerful that seemed to come from outside of you, these were just as spiritual as the “normal” moments you experienced.

I understand, but most people wouldn’t call a moment of inspiration a “spiritual” moment. They simply believe they had a good idea!
We can delve into the topic of ideas and where they come from. All thoughts, all ideas come from Source. Every thought is spiritual in and of itself. You draw to you the thoughts and ideas that match your prevailing vibration. So if you have a high vibration, you “catch” ideas floating in the ether with a similar vibration. If you have a low vibration, the same thing happens, and you catch low vibration thought forms. And you believe all thoughts originated in your mind!

There are thoughts that you create, but for the most part, you spend your days “streaming” thoughts from the ether. There is no consciousness involved, and you go along with whatever concept is presented to you. You have the choice not to engage with such thoughts, but you usually take them on as your own.

The mere concept is making me feel exhausted!
It can be exhausting because each thought form holds a vibrational frequency, and when you keep taking on those frequencies, your energy is affected.

I see an image of myself batting away thoughts that are flying at me like swatting flies or hitting a tennis ball!
This can be done, but the resistance requires much persistence and effort. There is an easier way. Think of a magnet. It can draw in or repel its opposing force. It’s the same with you. You can draw in or repel energy. Most of you are repelling the good and drawing in the unwanted. You can reverse this polarity and draw in the good and repel the unwanted.

Through letting go. Think of a tug of war. As you pull on the rope, what are you pulling towards you? That which you are resisting! You let go of the rope, and the opposing team falls away. By letting go, you have immediately reversed the polarity, and the other opposing force falls backwards. Whenever you are tempted to pull in an unwanted thought, letting go is the quickest way to reverse its polarity.

I read something similar in The Golden Key by Emmet Fox, and I remember at the time thinking, “this is the answer”. But I wasn’t able to put it into practice. I was too identified with certain thoughts and beliefs.
It’s a practice—one you become better and better at the more you repeat it.

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  • Where should I go to leave my review on your book as requested for the free chapter? Enjoy your writing style very easy to follow and flows well along with being easy to understand unlike a lot of other books in the same category that are written from the sound of the writing style ascending masters and other higher levels of spiritual development. (By no means trying to imply anything towards you being under or less than those either. I prefer to be able to relate verses talked down to.) I can’t wait to read the rest of your book either. Congratulations on it too.

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