Spiritual Awakening with Helen Hamilton

Spiritual Awakening with Helen Hamilton

Recently I had a conversation that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with author Helen Hamilton. Helen is a spiritual teacher and after struggling through her own awakening several years ago she was driven by the urge to simplify awakening for all beings.

“I just sat with this fear, and I didn’t try to defend myself against it… the strongest fear I’d ever felt, but there was this bliss too and peace, and I didn’t even think it was possible to feel those things at the same time. And I really got in that moment that it’s not fear itself, it’s just an energy… I was experiencing my thoughts about this fear and if I stopped that, which I can step out of in a moment with a question… that it was really just a set of intense sensations running through the body when I wasn’t resisting them. It changed everything for me.” ~ Helen Hamilton

During this episode we chat about:

  • What exactly it means to be awakened.
  • How Helen overcame her fears and anxieties and now lives free of fear and worry.
  • Why you don’t have to go into isolation or spend time fasting to become awakened.
  • The role of beliefs in the awakening process.
  • The practicalities of living an awakened life and being a mother.
  • The process of deepening and continuous peace and bliss.
  • How Angels and ascended beings are helping us to awaken.
  • Increasing vitality and energy & why Helen no longer feels the need to protect her energy.
  • Improved relationships and how it’s hard for others to be negative when around an awakened person.
  • How self-inquiry can help in the awakening process.
  • Getting lost in identification and how every awakened being has been through the same thing.
  • Desire and manifestation as an awakened being.

And so much more!!

If you only listen to one episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast this year, let this be the one!

“That’s our gift to the world, to live an abundant life as best we can, to show others that it’s possible.” ~ Helen Hamilton


Helen’s Website

How to get Clear Angel Guidance Each Day (free class)

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