Episode 26: The Missing Piece of The Spiritual Puzzle!

Episode 26: The Missing Piece of The Spiritual Puzzle!

Have you been reading all the spiritual books, taking all the courses and attending all the workshops but still feel as if you’re missing something? Perhaps you’re not getting the results you hoped for and you’re left wondering why?

In this episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast, I talk about the missing ingredient. The one thing that is so obvious but which seems to get left out a lot… like, all the time.

It’s often the thing that’s right under your nose that you keep searching for. Have you ever found yourself looking for your keys or something else and found that they were in your hand all along!!? I know, we’ve all been there!

But that is what most people are doing when it comes to transforming their lives. They have all the details of why they should change, how to change and what to do but there is still something missing. What is it?

Tune in to find out!

By the way, Doors to my members group the Fiercely Spiritual Family are back open again for a short time. It is my intention with this group that I can reach and help as many as possible to open up to the joyful, abundant lives they deserve through the teachings and processes inside the group.

This is a supportive, loving space for you to learn, grow and develop the spiritual practices you need to experience happiness, peace and the ability to live an inspired life… a life you love and a life that loves you!

The founding members of the group are already experiencing incredible transformation and positive change in their attitude, mindset and their lives.

Find out more here.

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