How To Get Clear About What You Want… And Get It!

How To Get Clear About What You Want… And Get It!

Today’s video is a short one but packed with powerful information! You’re going to thank me after you watch it! ;)

Some highlights from the video include:

  • Why you can’t see the solution to your problems.
  • A key question to ask yourself.
  • How staying stuck is not natural and how to move through problems.
  • The ways in which you limit yourself and how to avoid them.
  • The role of curiosity and how to use it.
  • Two words that can open you up to unlimited possibilities.
  • How to use your feelings as a barometer to steer you in the right direction.
  • The one thing most people ignore that hinders their progress.

I hope you enjoy and do let me know in the comments if you have something big you’re working towards or if you have no idea what it is you want? I’d love to hear from you!


Who Am I?

I’m Sandra, a life alchemist dedicated to helping people like you to deeply heal, to discover your purpose, and live your best life. Learn More Here

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2 responses

  • Sandra, what a brilliant video. Very uplifting. I am aiming for something really big and for a while now I have been telling God, the Universe and all the angels I am open and ready to receive my new life. I have it all written out and everything that I wish to achieve for my greater good and that of everyone who is around me too. However two things have me feeling a bit stuck right now, finances are one and waiting on someone who really wants a new life with me, which involves a big move for him back to Ireland from Canada after 30 years. He wants to do it but is scared and has gone hiding from me for the moment. I am secure in the knowledge of his love for me, but just right now his quietness and my concern over money is causing me lots of anxiety. I have handed it all over to the universal life force energy, and the Angels to work on it, but I can only do it one day at a time, because I’m one of those who always wants to take back control from them, haha. My Mam who is in spirit world always called me ‘Doubting Thomas’. However with each day I am getting better and stronger with trusting they are with me and they hear me. I talk to them all day everyday and practise my reiki for all my requests. I admit I have to work very hard at dismissing negative thoughts when they come into my head, and think only loving ones, but it’s worth it. Thanks again for all your videos… Valerie

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