About Sandra Rea

Take A Moment To…

…Imagine if you could heal not just the symptoms of your issues but get to the very heart of them and cure the root cause.

Imagine if you no longer had to go from doctor to counsellor to therapist in search of the answer to your depression which seems never ending, or your stress and anxiety which just won’t go away, or the mystery illness that has been plaguing you and has no known cause, or that feeling that life has more to offer to you!

Imagine how great life would be when you’re feeling well again…really well!

Who Am I?

I am Sandra, and I’m here to help you to feel better than you have felt in years. Release the blocks which have been holding you back (some of which you may not even be aware of). Gain clarity in your life and step into your power and purpose.

Think of Me As…

…your zen Deity of transformation. Through Reiki Healing, Angel Healing, and my Courses, I turn your suffering into ease, your pain into relief and your confusion into clarity.

I Believe…

…that everyone has the ability to heal, that healing comes from within – not from a healer (I simply facilitate the healing process) and all illness/issues have a purpose. When we learn the lessons the problems we’re facing have to teach us, we can integrate the teaching and heal on a deep level, becoming unstuck and allowing our lives to move forward.

How it All Began

I started my healing journey in 2005 when I received my first Reiki Healing. A journey which has lead to transformation which I never would have thought possible.

A journey of sadness when I decided to leave the long-term relationship that I was in, something that terrified me but I knew in my heart that I had to move on.

A journey of adventure, single life and rediscoveing myself.

A journey of love, a new relationship (meeting a wonderful man who is now my husband), and happiness.

A journey of learning – becoming a Reiki Master healer and teacher, of healing and renewal (which continues to this day).

A spiritual journey, connecting with the Angels, channelling and meditating and discovering my spiritual gifts.

A journey of giving back and helping others to step onto their path of healing and transformation.

I feel blessed to be able to walk this path and to share my gifts through my courses, private healing and mentoring sessions, distance healing and Skype sessions.

In Reality…

What makes it even more worthwhile is hearing your stories of recovery, insight and renewal. Stories like these:

“Sandra helped me to identify blocks which I didn’t even know existed through our distance healing sessions. Her healing and guidance was invaluable in helping me work through these issues and find my way again.”
~ Tina, Spain

“I have been going to Sandra for Reiki/Angelic healing since 2013. I was going through a very bad break up at the time and the sessions with Sandra helped me to get through it all. I try and go to Sandra once every few months to recharge my soul. One word to describe her is that she is an angel. Sandra gives out such a peaceful, loving and welcoming vibe that I always feel so great after a session with her. Sometimes when I feel lost or stuck, I go on to her blog and read her articles. I really believe you are an earth angel Sandra. Thanks and blessings to you.”
~ Dona, Dublin

“Sandra encouraged me to follow the path of my true passion and I began to think, “what if……..”. As I explored the possibilities, the worries of… I can’t afford this, and….. What if it doesn’t work out were replaced by…this could actually work. I left my job of 16 years, returned to college to do what I love and I can hardly believe how well things are going. Be true to yourself, only one life to live, no regrets. Thanks Sandra.”
~ Caroline, Meath

“I really benefited from Reiki treatments with Sandra Rea. Reiki has helped calm me, deal with stress more effectively, ground me and feel more energetic. I feel that Reiki helped me reconnect with my coping skills and mechanisms that felt lost forever! Sandra’s soothing voice and insightful advice after a treatment always made me feel much more at ease and better able to cope with life’s stresses. I am delighted to say that after a few treatments I finally felt wel enough to get back to my old self and was able to deal with daily life in a more positive way. Sandra really got me through some very tough times and I am truely greatful for her time and healing.”
~ Catherine, Dublin

“I recently attended a Goal Setting Workshop with Sandra. I found her to be excellent, the session was very relaxed yet thorough and exactly for what I was looking for when I booked the workshop. Sandra is very personable and it was a very holistic approach to goal setting. I came out feeling motivated and focused and have already put into practice a lot of what I’ve learned from it. I would recommend Sandra’s workshop to anyone who is looking to create direction in their life.”
~ Sile, Dublin

“During a particularly busy and stressful time in my life I received Reiki healing from Sandra. Her gentle and professional approach immediately put me at ease and I left after the treatment with a feeling of calm that stayed with me for weeks afterwards.”

~ Anne, Dublin

“I attended the Workshop – “Define and Manifest Your Goals”, this weekend. The content of the workshop was exactly how it was described on the website. Sandra is very knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. The meditations used were short and very effective and the surroundings could not have been better. I left the workshop with an understanding of how to set and manifest my Goals. It was very relaxing and informative and I would recommend this workshop to all.”
~ Anne, Dublin

Want to work with me?

If you are ready to begin your healing and transformation process, if you are ready to invest in your personal growth and if you are ready to invest in a mentor who can facilitate the breakthrough you desire, learn more here.

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