Distance Healing


Distance healing, or remote healing as it’s also called involves sending healing to a person or situation. For example, Reiki and angel healing can be given through personal sessions where the client is present for the healing or through distance healing. As the names suggests, the client and practitioner are not together during the remote healing session. In fact, the healer and the client may not even be in the same country. The distance doesn’t really matter. The healing is possible as energy healing doesn’t require close proximity. The energy is transferred to the person receiving the treatment.

So, how does this work? Let’s take for example the way in which electricity works. Electricity, being energy is usually generated in one location (power station) and transmitted to another location to supply power to buildings, streets and so forth. The electricity travels along power lines to bring the energy to specific and far reaching locations. Energy healing works like this also, but using invisible energetic lines or meridians for the healing energy to travel along? The healer however doesn’t generate the energy or for that matter use their own energy. They simply channel universal life force to the person or situation. The person receiving the treatment must always agree to the healing first. If someone doesn’t want it, The healing can never be forced on a person who doesn’t want it.

To get a better understanding of how this works, we need to look at the way in which we function energetically. Each of us has a number of energetic bodies or levels, starting with the physical body. The physical body is made up of meridians and energy centres called chakras. There are seven major chakras and numerous minor chakras found throughout the body. The chakras or energy centres allow us to give and receive energy, which we are doing all the time even if we are not aware of it. This happens each time we meet someone. Take for example when you meet someone for the first time and feel an instant connection with them. Your frequency or vibration is a match to theirs.

Other levels include the emotional field, where our emotions reside, the mental body which houses our thoughts and mental processes and the spiritual body. There are a number of layers to the spiritual body which is associated with our spiritual needs. The energy field or aura is made up of all these energetic bodies.

When we realise that we are not just a physical body, and that there is much more going on than we realise, we can begin to understand how Reiki distance healing works. We can also develop an understanding about the source of illnesses that can be located in one of the energetic bodies, for example on a mental or emotional level. While this can affect us physically, the cause is not rooted in the physical.

During a remote healing, the practitioner tunes into the clients energy and intends that the healing goes where it is most needed. Distance healing can be very powerful and effective and is a useful way to send healing, particularly if a client is incapacitated or if the client and healer are located at a distance. Distance healing can also be used after a one-to-one healing session, if the client needs additional support.

A remote healing treatment works in a similar way as an in-person healing session. The treatment can last up to an hour but usually is given during shorter 20 minute sessions. At an agreed time the client relaxes in a comfortable position where they won’t be disturbed and practices meditating or becoming still. Often people experience similar sensations during the treatment such as feelings of heat or coolness or tingling. Others report feelings of deep relaxation and peace. After the healing feedback is given by email or phone reporting on the healing session and offering guidance and advice when relevant.

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