Meditation is the practice of letting go and connecting with your inner-self in order to promote balance, peace, self-love and to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you. Everyone can enjoy the practice of meditation and gain great benefits in a short space of time.

I believe that meditation is the best and fastest way of restoring balance and peace in your life and manifesting your desires. Imagine a lake where the waters are choppy and disturbed, like a mind that is racing with thoughts and emotions. Now picture this water as being still and clear, the water becomes like a mirror, you can see the landscape reflected on the surface and if you drop even the smallest of pebbles into the lake, the ripples travel far and wide. In the same way, when our mind is still and calm, it reflects our inner self and allows the beauty from within to shine. We are open to new ideas and to messages from source, which become loud and clear like the ripples of the tiny pebble which would not have been noticed had the water remained disturbed.

Allowing yourself this time every day to still and quiet your mind is not only essential, it is the only way to grow and to evolve spiritually. Without meditating, we are lost in stormy waters. It may sound drastic, but I truly believe that this is the way forward for everyone. If each person were to meditate, even for five minutes every day, the world would be a more peaceful, loving and happy place.


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