Angel Healing

You’re here because you want to improve your life. Maybe you want better health or less stress or more peace and happiness? Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place!

Angel healing is a form of energy healing, working with the divine angels. Anyone can benefit from Angel therapy. You will feel a sense of release, followed by feelings of peace, balance and happiness after a spiritual healing session. The energy is channelled through the Angel healer (me!) and directed to the areas that are blocked or in need of healing depending on what you most need.

I believe that illness or disease are derived in some form from blockages in the energy system (aura) and that these symptoms can be alleviated or completely removed through energy healing.

Please note, I am not currently taking on new private clients. If you’d like to experience Angel healing through my Angelic Healing Meditations Bundle, you can click here.

How is Angel Healing different to Reiki?

Angel healing is different in a number of ways to other forms of energy healing, for example Reiki. Angel healing does not use symbols as with Reiki healing and the energies channelled are of a much higher frequency. As such, the client may find that they notice greater results from fewer sessions, or they may find that they only need 20/40 minutes of healing at first rather than up to an hour as with other forms of energy healing.

What can I expect to feel during an Angel Healing Session?

The client may also notice different sensations during the healing compared to Reiki, for example sensations such as tingling, heat or coolness as felt by clients during Reiki healing sessions are often not as prevalent during angel healing. Other sensations may be noticed such as a feeling of peace, seeing colours or energy movement, feeling the presence of your angels and spirit guides or simply nothing at all depending on the sensitivity of the client and also what is right for the person to experience during the healing session.

How will I feel after a healing?

After the healing, the client may feel more relaxed, at ease and feel that a burden has been lifted. Others might feel emotional or feelings of anger for example may arise which can be a natural part of the healing process, allowing your body to let these emotions (which can sometimes be suppressed) arise to the surface and to be released.

How many healing sessions will I need?

Some people require just one healing session while others may need additional healing depending on their personal situation. I am happy to advise clients on what is coming up and if additional healing sessions are recommended. Ultimately, It is the decision of the client and I always advise them to listen to their bodies to know what is right for them.

Do I have to follow a certain Religion to receive Angel Healing?

Angel healing is not based on any religion and the client does not have to follow any religious beliefs to attend a healing session. Even if the client does not believe in angels, the healing will work, but of course it does always help if the client is open to working with the angels.

How does energy healing work?

Healing can not be forced upon a client. I act as a channel and it is up to the clients energy system and body to accept the energies and allow healing to take place. This is done on a subconscious level. It does aid the healing process if a person consciously decides that they are open to healing however. It is not a question of will power, it is more so on an emotional level through the emotion of love.

Which Angels assist with the healing and what are their functions?

Some of the angels and spiritual beings that I work with include those listed below. I have detailed some of traits that each angel is best known for, but as the angels are multifunctional the list describes just some of their capacities. In fact, all the angels functions cross over into other areas and like us they are constantly changing and evolving.

About the Angels

Angels are loving beings of light sent from God to assist us. They also have other functions such as looking after nature, the elements, countries and the planets amongst others.

There are different groups of angels with various functions.  Most people would have a greater knowledge of angels than they think.  We have come across angels throughout the ages in literature, including the Bible, paintings, the arts and so forth.  Some types of angels include Guardian Angels, Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim.

Of course, there are many more different types of angels.

The angels are always with us and waiting to assist in our lives if requested.  They can not intervene without being asked by us to help.  As humans we all have free will and this might mean for some people that they choose not to work with the angels.  In my experience, there are no downfalls to asking the angels for help and only untold benefits.  It is wise to ask the angels to always be with us and to aid us in all areas of our lives.

When we open up to the angels we can begin to see wonderful synchronicities in our lives and to become in tune with the universe and ultimately to find and understand our purpose here on earth.

The key is to constantly ask the angels for assistance in all areas of our lives, as sometimes we can forget to ask for their help.  Once you have asked for assistance, trust that help is on its way.  This may not always come in the form that you were expecting but it will always be the right thing for you at that point in time.

It can sometimes be difficult trusting in the angels at first, and if this is something that you are struggling with you can also ask the angels to help you to trust in them.  And always remember to thank the angels once you have asked for assistance.  If you need extra reassurance, you can always ask the angels for a sign that they are with you.  There are many ways for angels to communicate with us, but the easiest way at the beginning for most people is through clairsentience i.e. feeling their angels presence.

Exercise to feel the presence of your Angels
  • Sit quietly with your feet flat on the floor, hands on your lap with your palms facing upwards.
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax.  Close your eyes.
  • Call upon your guardian angel to be present and to connect with you now.
  • Ask your angel to allow you to feel their presence. You may feel a tingling or tickling sensation on your hands or face, or you may feel an overwhelming sensation of peace or a cool breeze. Some people also see flashes or points of light.
  • Sit with the energies for as long as you feel is appropriate.
  • When you are finished, thank the angles for their assistance.

Other signs in daily life to indicate that your angels are around can include finding a white feather or a pleasant fragrance in the air that sometimes only you will smell. Angels may also try to communicate with you through the words of a song you might hear, seeming coincidences that occur, through words in a book or even an advert that might jump out and resonate with you or through number sequences.

As you start to work with the angels you will become more accustomed to noticing and reading these messages.

Name Colour(s) Element(s) Function(s)
Archangel Michael Blue Air Protection, Communication, Healing
Holy Spirit (Shekinah) White All Messenger of God, Protection
Mother Mary Light Blue, Pink Silver Compassion, Caring, Mothering, Reproduction
Archangel Metatron White, Silver Platinum Messenger of God, Protector, One with the Holy Spirit
Archangel Ariel Purple, Ultra Violet Air Aid Psychic and Intuitive Abilities, Healing through the element of Air
Archangel Uriel Yellow, Gold Earth Grounding, Nature
Archangel Rafael Green Fire Healing, Ruler of the Healing Angels, Transmutation
Healing Angels Various Healing
Archangel Gabriel Silver, White Water, Moon Cleansing, Intuition, Transmutation
Archangel Chamuel Pink Ether Love, Harmony, Peace
Angels of the Violet Flame Purple Fire Transmutation, Burning away Blockages/Dross
Angels of Clearance Air, Ether Clearing Heavy, Negative Energies
Archangel Sandalphon Red Grounding, Chanelling, Meditation
Peliedians White Harmonisation, Development of Mankind
Elementals Various Nature Development of and Caring for Nature & the Elements
Sophie El Ruby Red Caring, Nurturing