Sandra runs regular courses and classes including Meet Your Angels, Attracting Abundance with The Angels,  Reiki HealingMeditation for Healing, Teach Your Child to Meditate, The courses are enjoyable, relaxing, healing and beneficial to everyone, from those just starting out on their spiritual path to those who wish to progress further and learn more.

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Upcoming Course Dates:

  • Reiki Share – Saturday 19th May
  • Your Best Year Ever - One Day Workshop 23rd June
  • Reiki Level Three – 30th June & 1st July
  • Reiki Level 1 – July 21st & 22nd

Meet Your Angels

Imagine feeling the love and support from your Angels every day and in everything you do.

Join me for this one day workshop and start connecting with your Angels straight away so that you can raise your vibration, feel your Angels presence and receive clear guidance.

What others are saying about this course:

“I just wanted to say to you a big thank you for delivering the Angel course so well. I really enjoyed it and it was the best course spiritually I have ever done. It is the beginning of a new direction in my life. I really the appreciate the effort and work you put into the course and for the lovely certificates. The course taught me a lot about Angels and connecting with them daily.”
~ Alistair

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Attracting Abundance with The Angels

This is a very powerful workshop, designed to help you to attract an abundance of love, peace, happiness, health, wealth or whatever other abundance you want in your life.
After the workshop you’ll feel grounded, balanced, more peaceful and happy and you’ll be empowered to attract abundance to you. We work with the Angels of Abundance and other Archangels through the use of some powerful guided meditation and visualisation techniques. The Angelic energies enhance the course and help you to open up to receiving the abundance that you deserve.

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Reiki Level 1

Next course will take place on 21st & 22nd July

This is the first level of initiation into the healing energies of Reiki. During this gentle introduction to Reiki, you will learn about the history of Reiki, its benefits, Reiki principles, the hand positions, self healing, the aura and chakras . You will be attuned to first level Reiki and you will practice giving and receiving healing. You will also learn powerful meditations and visualisations to enhance your Reiki practice. This course is a wonderful way to open up to energy healing and can benefit everyone that experiences it.
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Reiki Level 2

This follow on course to Reiki Level 1, brings you deeper into the healing energies of Reiki. You will be attuned to level 2 Reiki and introduced to the Reiki symbols. You will notice a change in the energies from the softer energies of the first level. You will also learn how to send distant Reiki healing and additional meditation and visualisation techniques. This course is a beautiful way to enhance your healing energies and to further your Reiki practice. Once completed, you can also go on to practice Reiki professionally. Learn more here.

Reiki Level 3 – Master Level

Next Level 3 Course will take place in June 2018.

The final level, Reiki 3 or Master Level is the last step of your Reiki training but the beginning of your own exciting journey. Reiki opens up so many doors and after completing this Master Course, you will be attuned to the final Reiki Rays of healing and be qualified to teach Reiki. You will also receive the final symbols including the Master symbol that allows you to attune others to Reiki energy.
Teaching and support will continue to be offered through Reiki Shares, a regular meet up of like minded Reiki Students where healing is exchanged and experiences are shared. Contact Sandra for more information


Meditation is the practice of letting go and connecting with your inner-self in order to promote balance, peace, self love and to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you. Everyone can enjoy the practice of meditation and gain great benefits in a short space of time.

Sandra runs various Meditation Courses, including:

Mindfulness Meditation

Next eight week Mindfulness course starts on  Tuesday 10th April, Sandyford, Dublin.

Meditation is an excellent, scientifically proven practice to help alleviate stress, manage sleep problems, reduce anxiety, improve the immune system, boost concentration, increase focus and enhance feelings of peace and happiness.

During this eight week course, discover the practice of mindfulness meditation, it’s benefits, uses and how you can apply the practice in your life to destress and enhance your way of living.

In a world where we exist in states of busyness and stress as a default, mindfulness brings much needed balance, peace and calm.


Meditation for Healing


Meditation is scientifically proven to alleviate stress, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system, increase concentration, enhance focus and encourage feelings of peace and happiness.

During this course you will discover how to meditate and how to use meditation to improve your health and well being. Each week I guide you through powerful meditative practices and techniques so that you can begin to use meditation to live a healthier, happier life.

If you have been letting stress and anxiety take over your life or if you have been experiencing ill health and want to feel better, meditation can help.

Give yourself the gift of meditation and start feeling better than ever and start living your best life. You deserve it!

You will also learn necessary techniques to integrate meditation into your daily life so that you can continue to experience its transformative effects after the course.

I look forward to welcoming you on your meditation journey and helping you to experience the tremendous benefits meditation can offer.

What others are saying about this course:

“I’m enjoying the course immensely and getting so much out of it and look forward to our class each week. Comparing notes to some friends who have done a meditation/mindfulness course also, and bearing in mind that they can differ, I’m still in no doubt that your course has to be one of the best there is out there.”
~ Barbara, Dublin

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Teach Your Child to Meditate

A wonderful meditation course for parents and caregivers to empower them to teach children to meditate.

If you meditate regularly or are new to meditation, the course will equip you with the methods to effectively teach children how to meditate in a fun and interesting way.

The course includes tips on how to encourage children to meditate, mindful activities, guided angelic meditations, bedtime meditations, guided meditations for parents and much more.

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