Your Angel Guidance Monday 9th – Sunday 15th July 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 9th – Sunday 15th July 2018

“What you call “spiritual growing pains” is simply the effect felt as you move beyond your comfort zone. It feels as if you are breaking down when in fact you are breaking out. This can be confusing as you sometimes feel as if you are going backwards but in reality you are moving forward, beyond the point at which you have been before and this feels different. It is not good or bad, just different and most of you in human form see “different” as something bad.

“Again, it is not good or bad, change is change. It is certain that you must keep changing to grow and evolve and the easier this change can be, the quicker you move forward. It is your resistance to change that causes the “growing pains”. When you flow with change, you don’t encounter pain as you embrace all, even the “different”.

“In order to embrace all you must release resistance. If you encounter growing pains as you move through your spiritual journey, it is simply a sign that you are resisting what is. Settle into the sensations you are feeling, allow them to be, welcome everything.

“If you can live in a state of openness and allowing, your life will be free. You will no longer be encumbered by resistance and then there is nothing to resist. You glide through it all, like a hot knife glides through butter! You melt any seeming obstacles on your path because instead of pushing against them, you now know how to glide through them.

“Learn to glide and there will be no obstacles, and your growth will be boundless.”

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