December Angel Reading

December Angel Reading I’m so excited to share this months reading with you as there are huge shifts happening. Going through the vortex is the … Read the rest

November Angel Reading

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October Angel Reading

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September Energy Forecast

September Energy Forecast I’ve missed sharing the Angelic downloads and insights with you! I’ve been taking time to myself to nurture my own energy. Now … Read the rest

August Angel Reading

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Gayatri Mantra – The Master Mantra?

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Using The Law of Resonance to Transmute Energy

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5 Magic Words to Transform Your Entire Life

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July Angel Forecast – Unfolding

July Angel Forecast – Unfolding Have you noticed that the energy is accelerating? There are big shifts occurring in the collective as we are transitioning … Read the rest

Solstice Guided Meditation

Solstice Guided Meditation We are approaching another powerful energy portal… well, two to be exact! We have an extremely powerful Solstice and New Moon Solar … Read the rest