How to Stay Calm Amid The Storm?


It seems that we are living in a state of high stress during work hours and spending all our spare time trying to de-stress through various methods: sport, yoga, socialising, alcohol, the list goes on. It’s a constant battle to regulate our stress levels and usually an unfruitful one!

What if we could maintain a healthy state of serenity amid all the noise and demands of life. We could go about our work and feel the same emotional balance as we do when resting. As difficult as it might sound it is possible to stay calm amid the storm of life!

A few simple practices can make all the difference. first of all, check in with yourself regularly, even when you think you are calm. Are you holding any tension in your body? The chances are yes, you are. Do a quick body scan and release any areas of tension that you find. The most simple and quickest way is to take a deep breath and to consciously release the tension on the out breath.

If however you are already wound up, you may need something stronger to get you back to centre. No, not alcohol! Reiki Healing can be a great release. I remember going for a Reiki Treatment a few years ago, I was already stressed from a days work and on top of that I had a run in with someone close that infuriated me. So needless to say, I was in need of time out and some healing. During the session I felt the tension and anger melt away and I came out of it refreshed and feeling compassion for the person I had been at odds with.

Of course, it may not always be practical to drop everything any time you are stressed to have a relaxing Reiki Healing. A simple and free alternative is to practice meditation. The benefits of meditation are so huge and scientifically proven that it is surprising that it is not more prolific. I believe that it should be taught in schools from junior infants onwards. If each child was taught how to meditate, they would grow up to be more peaceful, loving, centred and thoughtful individuals.

Meditation doesn’t have to be practiced sitting in the lotus position on the floor, it can be done at any time and anywhere. Even starting with five minutes a day can bring about greater levels of peace and happiness. Ideally, you would work up to twenty minutes each day, but to begin with five minutes is definitely a good starting point.

If you find there are certain situations where you regularly feel tense or stressed, start to become aware of your thoughts, your body and how you react. Do you internalise anger or do you display outbursts of rage that afterwards you regret? Start to become aware of your actions. Don’t try to change them, just observe without judgement. After a few days of being mindful of your behaviour, start your day by setting an intention for the day, for example “I will be more patient towards everyone I meet today” or “I think about my words and actions before I respond” or whatever other intention that you want to focus on. As you go about your day, regularly remind yourself of your intention for that day and try to live it insofar as possible. If you slip up, don’t worry and don’t be too hard on yourself, just return to your intention and continue with your day.

If you begin to incorporate even one of these suggestions into your daily habit, you will start to notice a change for the better.

Read on for more information and for further tips on Meditation and Reiki

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  • I really need those words of comfort so that I can maintain my emotional rage that I have inside in trying to be in love instead of enjoying life and what I have with my kids which is now my future and world. By me having this resentment toward my kids father and was to be my future husband one day. Has made me become bitter and cruel. And I want to regain my inner peace where I am happy for life and all it has to offer me. And by reading your passage made me think about just taking sometime out and relaxing, centering myself so that I am able to regain focus on my life’s quest with out resentment and hatred in heart. Thanks again truly.

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