A Prayer from A Course in Miracles To Support You

A Prayer from A Course in Miracles To Support You

I was reciting this prayer recently and I wanted to share it with you. I always try to share the practices I personally use and that work for me so that you too can benefit from them. It’s a prayer that I have been using for years and it’s extremely powerful.

This is from A Course in Miracles, and it is one to recite every day if you want, but particularly if you are suffering in any way.

I explain more in this weeks episode and I break down the hidden meaning behind each sentence.

Heal Your Ancestral Lineage

ACIM Prayer:
“I must have decided wrongly, because I am not at peace.
I made the decision myself, but I can also decide otherwise.
I want to decide otherwise, because I want to be at peace.
I do not feel guilty, because the Holy Spirit will undo all the consequences of my wrong decision if I will let Him.
I choose to let Him, by allowing Him to decide for God for me.”

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