Your Angel Guidance Monday 13th – Sunday 19th January 2020

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 13th – Sunday 19th January 2020

Start of the Week: The Great Gathering – It’s all coming together. Intuitive hits. Soul Tribe.

This card represents light workers around the world rising up, supporting each other and embracing their power. At the beginning of the week you are being guided to seek out your soul tribe, join together and support each other. The planet is undergoing huge shifts in consciousness and you are one of the way showers who will light the way for others to follow. It’s time to step up and step into your purpose.

Middle of the Week: Mirror – Who or what is triggering you?

As we move into the middle of the week you may find yourself being triggered or old wounds coming to the surface for healing. This is good. Most of us avoid our pain but to heal you must go through it in order to come out the other side. This doesn’t mean staying inside the wound for a prolonged period, rather, facing it and releasing with ease. Allow yourself to flow through the experience rather than resisting it. The result is a better version of you, a You who has embraced and healed the parts of you that have been crying out for your attention.

End of the week: Trust the Niggle – What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?

Many times in the past you have ignored your intuition. You have gone against the internal nudges and made decisions that have not been in your highest good. Towards the end of the week you are being guided to trust your inner guidance. Don’t ignore it or question it. Trust you are being guided, even if it doesn’t yet make sense. In time all will be revealed. For now, trust the niggle and if necessary take action. You are safe. Have faith.

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