October Angel Reading

October Angel Reading

There is so much happening in October I don’t quite know where to start! It’s going to be a month of spiritual truths, spiritual development and heightened spiritual perception… if you choose to follow that path. There are many other paths you can choose, some of them not so enticing, but there is so much available to us right now if we are open to it.

In this episode I talk about the energy October brings, the planetary events and I share an Angel reading for the month.

My hope is that this guidance will support you in the best way to experience a wonderful month ahead.


Thank You for Being Here…

I’m Sandra Rea, an author, healer & spiritual teacher.

I help empaths get crystal clear guidance from the Angels each day so they can stop doubting their decisions.

I’m the host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and Founder of the Fiercely Spiritual Family.

If you’d like to connect with your Guardian Angel so that you can feel your Angels presence and receive clear guidance, then go here to enjoy this free video training where you get to meet your Guardian Angel.

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