The Great Awakening

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast – The Great Awakening

Have you noticed that the energy lately has been a little bit, well… extreme? There is so much going on right now and if you’re not aware of the energetic shifts taking place you might just think you’re quietly going crazy. You’re not!

I wanted to bring you an episode that will give you some insight into what we’re experiencing as a collective right now and in the months to come. We’re going to be talking about the great awakening, what it is, how it effects you and what to expect.

We’re already feeling the shifts in energy and consciousness, which is effecting us on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I’ll explain what this means, and how best to navigate the coming weeks and months. It’s a positive shift in the direction of the light but not always an easy one.

It’s time to get ready! The more we resist it, the more we’ll be in the energy of pain and struggle, which isn’t necessary.

There is so much potential opening up for us right now. We are in a unprecedented position to ascend to a new level of being and it’s very exciting.

Tune into this episode to find out more and to discover what this means for you.


Angel Guidance

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