How To Experience Bliss

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast – How To Experience Bliss

Let me ask you a question… how good are you willing to feel? This may sound like an obvious answer, but think about it for a second. How good do you allow yourself to feel each day? Do you really allow happiness and dare I say joy, or even bliss in your life?

Chances are that you are limiting the amount of happiness you feel in your life. That’s okay, we all do it. BUT you can train yourself to feel good and to expand the amount of goodness you feel and the amount of time you’re feeling good!

In the Desiderata it says “be cheerful. strive to be happy.” But most of us don’t strive for happiness, we strive to be unhappy, whether we realise it or not. Again, it’s okay, we haven’t been taught any different. In school they don’t teach “happiness” classes (although they should).

Today I’m going to give you a mini lesson on how to experience bliss. I’m also going to give you a small feel good “challenge”. If you decide to take part, you’ll open up to greater levels of happiness, joy and bliss than ever.

Simply watch this weeks episode to discover more!

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