Move Beyond Fear and into Freedom

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast – Move Beyond Fear and into Freedom

Today we explore how to befriend fear. How to move from victim to observer, and what that can do to free you from your fears.

It’s a process, it’s something that can happen instantly but usually takes practice, patience and persistence. But if you stick with it, the rewards are endless.

Fear is the only thing holding you back from living a happy, fulfilling life. Fear paralyses us and holds us in a state of constriction. Fear has a place but not when we are paralysed by it, then it becomes a tormentor and serves no purpose.

Today we are living in chronic fear, it is all consuming and it must be overcome if we want to live full, happy lives.

This should be everyone’s top priority, to move beyond fear and into freedom.

Watch this episode to find out how.

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