Episode 21: Let go, Realign and Feel Better

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 21: Let go, Realign and Feel Better

Tiny tweaks can make all the difference, especially when it comes to emotions. Usually you’ll find that you feel stressed and that stress stays with you for the day because you presume “hey, there’s nothing I can do about it”. Do you believe that? Do you believe that once you feel anxious or sad or stressed that it’s a given that you’ll feel that way all day, or at least until it somehow passes?

You can choose your emotions and with practice you can go from stress to peace in a relatively short period, sometimes instantly! The way is to make small shifts in your thoughts, your perception and your emotions until you reach the feeling place that you want to be in. It’s very simple and I explain exactly what to do in this episode.


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