Episode 19: Finding Your Why

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 19: Finding Your Why

If you were to reach the end of your life and someone asked you “why did you choose to live life the way you did?” How would you answer? Would you explain the clear choices you had made or would you stare blankly back wondering the same?

Is your life happening to you or are you making it happen FOR you?

One of the things I’m passionate about is discovering what drives me. Finding out what are the driving forces behind what I do and don’t do is so important for me, because when I know what lifts me up, I can choose to do more of that. When I know what brings me down, I can choose to do less of that and lean into the things that are fulfilling. It’s not about avoiding, it’s about recognising why I’m doing certain things and then making informed choices.

When you begin to look at your life and start asking yourself questions, you can find out so much.

“Why am I in this relationship?’”
“Why did I choose this career?”
“Why do I feel unfulfilled?”

I think it was Tony Robbins who said “The Quality Of Your Life Is Determined By The Quality Of The Questions You Ask.” And it’s so true. When we don’t take the time to ask the questions, we just go through the motions without any good reason behind our choices and actions.

In this episode of the Podcast, I’m sharing a process known as the Seven Why’s. It will help you to get to the bottom of your decisions and find out what drives you. It’s a process that I use all the time and one that anyone can adopt to help them to live a better life, a life of your own choosing. If we don’t make conscious choices, then we will keep repeating the same old habits and patterns over and over. When this happens, life sweeps you along, you’re no longer in the drivers seat, you aren’t even in the passenger seat, you’re in the back seat wondering why life hasn’t met your expectations. Don’t let that happen. Take back control starting now!

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