Instant Alignment

Fiercely Spiritual Podcast with Sandra Rea – Instant Alignment

This day last week we had a really powerful Equinox. The energy recently has been off the charts and most of us are feeling it in one way or another.

We also experienced the New Moon in Libra on 28th September. Libra is all about balance and love, so you may notice this reflected in your relationships. Some relationships will come into greater harmony, others that are out of balance will experience this disharmony highlighted under this Libra New Moon.

Of course, our greatest relationship is with ourself, so you may notice areas in your life where you are out of balance, or parts of your energy field that need to come into alignment.

We spoke about this in detail during our recent Equinox live session inside the Fiercely Spiritual Family and it was so powerful. One member said she saw colours for the first time during the practice and another said it was the first time she felt her energy flowing like liquid!

To give you a taste of the process we did and also to aid you through this powerful energy we’re experiencing, I’m sharing this practice so you can instantly align your energy and your emotions.

Tune into this weeks Fiercely Spiritual Podcast to experience it for yourself:

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast. If you’d like to connect with your Angels, and discover powerful spiritual practices to elevate your life, my members group the Fiercely Spiritual Family could be the very thing you’re looking for. Find out more here.

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