The Power of Intention & How to Apply it in Your Life

The Power of Intention & How to Apply it in Your Life

Today we are diving into the topic of positive intention and why it is so important! You’ll discover how most of us are missing out on an big opportunity by not focusing our intention. I explain how intention can work both ways, for positive and negative results and how to ensure you make the most of your intentions. I’ll also share a simple way that I work with intention to bring about positive change in my life.

Here are the suggestions for the morning practice I mentioned.

“Today I choose… / It is my will and intention today to choose…”:

Today I choose love.
Today I choose patience.
Today I choose self-worth
Today I choose compassion and joy.
Today I choose vibrant health & wellbeing.
Today I choose to follow my intuition.
Today I choose abundance and prosperity.
Today I choose to be free.
Today I choose to follow my dreams.
Today I choose happiness.
Today I choose faith and understanding.
Today I choose forgiveness.
Today I choose peace.
Today I choose pleasure and ease.
Today I choose laughter and fun.
Today I choose to believe in me.

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