The Path to Fulfilling your Life Purpose


As children we are given time to be carefree and happy and to simply spend our days having fun. Growing up we begin to discover interests and passions, things that excite us that we want to explore more of. For some it’s baking or cooking, for others it’s creating art or singing, the list is endless. Our passions are clues to our life purpose – what we are here for these precious few years to do. Many of us are not aware that our life purpose is never solely about us, it is about helping others whilst also enjoying the process and receiving immense satisfaction in return.

When we are on the right track, fulfilling our life purpose, our path is filled with flowers, singing birds and the sun is shining. The path ahead is littered with breadcrumbs laid out by our Angels and Spirit Guides to help us to remain on course, especially if we come to a crossroads and are not sure which way to turn. These breadcrumbs or signs lead the way. However, if we ignore the signs we may end up choosing a path that is not right for us.

For example, picture yourself walking along a beautiful forest pathway, your Path of Light. Arriving at a crossroads you have three options, one of the directions is your Path of Light, the other two are Paths of Shadows. You have a decision to make – which path is my Path of Light? From this perspective each path may look equally appealing but one might stand out as being easier to follow; this is not necessarily your Path of Light. The Path of Shadows may seem easier to begin but this is an illusion. Your Path of Light may in fact be another hidden pathway obscured by some bushes, but when you go in search of it you are duly rewarded. Fear not, help is always at hand. If the breadcrumbs are not evident, just ask for help from your Angels and Guides and signs will emerge.

In this case, imagine that you have forgotten to ask for help and in innocence you have chosen a Path of Shadows. As you walk this path the terrain gets steeper and the forest closes in on either side of you, the track becomes narrow and rocky and the beautiful flowers are gone. Fear not, ask for guidance and the signs or breadcrumbs will always appear to lead you back to your Path of Light, a shortcut through the forest and you will be back on the right path in no time. You pause and gaze through the forest with longing, you would love to be back on the Path of Light but the forest looks dark and daunting and you feel that if you stay on the current path it might just veer around and bring you back to your Path of Light. You continue on in earnest. The Path of Shadows narrows even more and some brambles scrape your arms and legs as you struggle onwards. It seems that you have gone so far now that it would be folly to turn back. You keep going.

Time passes, you don’t know how long you have been on the Path of Shadows now but you manage to keep positive and you convince yourself that it’s not that bad. You have almost forgotten what your Path of Light was like, the vibrant colours and scent of the flowers, the warmth of the sun on your skin and the pleasant sound of the birds singing. It all seems like a distant memory. The breadcrumbs appear once more showing you a route through the forest. This time you don’t even pause for consideration. With a side glance you wonder what could have been and press ahead. The warnings along the Path of Shadows have been bothersome – the narrowing and steepening of the passage, the scrapes from the bushes and the feeling of something not being right but you dismiss them as par for the course. Struggle and worry become the new “normal” and anything otherwise is long forgotten. Lost in your worries, a noise up ahead brings you back to the moment. The bushes heave and you brace yourself. A large wild bear emerges on the path directly in front of you. You are glued to the spot, rigid with fear. Time slows down. A matter of milliseconds seems like an eternity. The bear takes a step towards you and you’re startled into action. You leap off the path, through the bushes and land on the soft forest floor. Feeling disorientated, you sit for a moment to catch your breath and to look around. There is no sign of the bear.

The forest is very still and peaceful, not like the dark fearful place that you had imagined. In the distance you can just about make out some beams of sunlight as they break through the forest canopy, lighting the way ahead. Picking yourself up, you head towards the light. It’s a long way off but the walk seems a lot easier now. The forest path is soft under your feet and it cushions each step. The peace and stillness seem to nourish your body and the worries that you felt before start to go away. You pass a bush on the way filled with blueberries. Picking a handful, you taste one and it is so delicious that you sit down and eat as many as you can find. You smile, if only you had known that the forest was such an inviting place, you would have cut through it to return to your Path of Light long ago. But all is not lost, you have learnt a lot from walking the Path of Shadows, not least identifying that which you do not want.

The light is growing ever brighter at the other side of the forest and you know that your Path of Light draws close. The forest has taught you it’s secrets and now you can find berries and all sorts of nuts to nourish you along the way. You hear the familiar singing of birds once again and you stop to listen. Your heart is filled with joy.
As you take the final steps out of the forest into the sun lit path filled with beautiful flowers, you rejoice. Your journey is far from over, rather it is beginning anew.

You walk your Path of Light with ease and joy, appreciating the beauty along the way and the surprising gifts that lie ahead for you. Over time you think of the Path of Shadows and occasional worries arise that you might end up back there some day. As time passes you arrive once again at a crossroads. This time you pause and consider each direction before continuing on – you follow the breadcrumbs…

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  • It’s true. In my case I was in a job that I had lost my passion for, and changes were happening that would not be what I wanted. I saw other people persuing their passions and I thought “they’re so lucky, I wouldn’t be able to do that”. Sandra encouraged me to follow the path of my true passion and I began to think, “what if……..”. As I explored the possibilities, the worries of… I can’t afford this, and….. What if it doesn’t work out we’re replaced by…this could actually work. I left my job of 16 years, returned to college to do what I love and I can hardly believe how well things are going. Be true to yourself, only one life to live, no regrets. Thanks Sandra.

  • I completely agree! And relate to the other comment, which if kind of funny since I just realized my path was to go back to school and start a new career also…so I’m even taking that as a sign!! I lost my mother to cancer last year, informed I was losing my job 5 months later, and then just as I was giving up on the idea of going back to school and just finding a job out of worry, my daycare closed! I asked my guides if my path was indeed schooling, and then visited a medium who kept bringing up that very career! Needless to say, I’m starting school next month and am very glad to have learned about all of this!

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