Guided Meditation with the Energies of the Sun


This is a great guided meditation for this time of year (Autumn) but of course it can be done at any time. The sun meditation is useful for burning away dross and any heaviness in your system that needs to be released. Think of the trees shedding their leaves, preparing for winter and making way for new growth come Spring. It is also beneficial for reenergising your system, giving you a boost to take you through the dark Winter months!

The meditation can be done in 5 minutes if you don’t have much time but you can also spend as long as you like practicing it. It is very powerful so even if you do only spend a few minutes on it, you will still receive enormous benefit. It is also beneficial if you can sit in the sun (even if it is shining through a window) while doing the meditation but it is not required.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes.

2. Call upon the angels for assistance and the presence of the Sun i.e.

I call upon my angels and spirit guides of holy light and love and the energies of the Sun to be present and to connect with me now.

You may feel their presence or a slight change in the energy of the room.

3. Request to be connected to the suns energy

I ask now to be connected to the Sun.

Feel yourself connecting to the energy of the Sun.

4. Imagine yourself passing through the layers of the Sun, first red, then orange, yellow and finally pure brilliant white light at the heart of the Sun.

5. Spend a few minutes basking in the warmth and healing light at the core of the Sun.

6. Ask for any heaviness in your system to be burnt away. Feel yourself becoming lighter, as old heavy energies and blockages are dissolved.

7. Ask for the Sun to fill your being with light and energy. Spend some time feeling the healing rays of the Sun filling and regenerating your system.

8. When ready, thank the Sun for the healing and feel yourself passing back through its layers from white to yellow, orange and finally red, and returning to your body.

9. In your own time open your eyes.

*Quick Tip: if you have trouble remembering the steps, record the meditation onto your mobile phone and play it back!

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