Why Worry?


Worrying is the most time consuming, energy sapping and unfruitful practice. In fact, worrying brings to us the thing or situation that we did not want. Never has worrying helped to resolve any situation or brought about any good.

If you begin to realise that everything happens not just for a reason, but for a good reason then you will begin to understand the misuse of worry. We have been brought up to respond to certain situations with fear and worry. It has been ingrained in our psyche and in truth most of us don’t know any better. The bad news is that ignorance certainly is not bliss. If you learn one new habit this year or in the next ten years to come, learning to let go of worries should be top of your list.

To understand the importance we first need to understand the nature of worry. Our thoughts are pure energy, similar to radio waves in a way. They travel through space and time and have an impact on not only ourselves but on others, our environment, the planet, the universe and beyond. We are literally walking transmitters, transmitting our thoughts throughout the universe. Imagine if our thoughts were physical in their form rather than pure energy, lets say they are like water. In their purest form they are akin to streams flowing from us, connecting with other rivers, tributaries, lakes and so forth. The water is free flowing and flows to and from us with ease and grace. Flowing effortlessly, it brings creative ideas, thoughts and answers back to us. Angry thoughts are like destructive tidal waves, destroying and damaging everything in their path. Worry is like the water turning to ice, the flow completely stops and nothing can flow to or from us, we are completely blocked.

Most of us worry because we think something bad is going to happen. However, nothing bad can occur as everything is part of the divine. We all come from God and are made in his likeness, the divine spark lies in each of us and in everything around us. Every situation is a learning opportunity and if the lesson is learnt and integrated then the situation has been worthwhile.

We have all heard of the expression “a blessing in disguise” meaning that a seemingly negative situation has turned out for our good, but in reality everything is a blessing, there is no disguise, we just have to train ourselves to see the good in every occurrence. You may ask when you see a starving child, where is the good in that? Each time you eat do you give gratitude for the food that you are eating? Do you give thanks for the circumstances and the people that contributed towards you having this meal? If each of us felt grateful for each bite of food that entered our mouths, our thoughts of gratitude for food would flow from us like a stream flowing across the earth and rippling outwards. The consciousness of gratitude for food would help to create an abundant supply for all. There would be no lack, no starvation. Let this child be a reminder to you to enjoy your meals and to give heartfelt thanks for the food that you eat each day.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful and quick way to help us to release worry and to raise our frequency, in other words to bring us back to a positive state and to help us to remain there. This is a beautiful affirmation from Doreen Virtue that you can use each time worries come about.

“I give any worries to God and the angels. My loved ones and I are completely safe. All my needs are provided for today and in the future, and I am filled with faith.” Doreen Virtue

Practice is the key. When you realise that you are fearful or worrying, congratulate yourself for recognising it. Ask yourself what would happen if I let go of this worry, even for just five minutes? Practice letting go. It will take time to form this new habit so allow yourself some space to develop your new worry free attitude and don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up from time to time. Realising there is a better way is the first step, enjoy the journey.

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