Episode 42: How to Apply the Law of Resonance

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast, Episode 42: How to Apply the Law of Resonance

We’ve all heard of the Law of Attraction but the Law of Resonance is just as important (if not more) but not so well known. The Law of Resonance is the first step after which comes the Law of Attraction, but miss out on this part and the second part doesn’t work! When you know what this law is about and how to apply it, you have the key to your desires.

In this episode I explain what exactly resonance means (I geek out with some technical descriptions!). You’ll learn what this means for you, the importance of your emotions, what happens when you drop out of resonance and how to resonate in line with your desires. A must see!

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast. If you’d like to go deeper into your spiritual practice, so you can start to experience the results you desire in your life, my members group the Fiercely Spiritual Family could be the very thing you’re looking for. Find out more here.

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