Overcome Patterns of Self-Sabotage with Kathrin Niesel

Overcome Patterns of Self-Sabotage with Kathrin Niesel

You know those moments when you feel like you can’t get out of your own way because you’re procrastinating or doubting yourself and it seems like you’re taking one step forward and two steps backwards? We’ve all been there… It may be that self-sabotage is causing you to procrastinate but you don’t even realise that’s the cause.

I had the pleasure recently of chatting with international Coach & Healer Kathrin Niesel who works with female entrepreneurs to help them release success and money blocks on the subconscious, energetic and karmic realm.

Kathrin shared her story of how she was the self-sabotage queen, and how she overcame patterns of sabotage to become the successful coach and healer she is today. She talks about the ways we sabotage, some ways she mentions will surprise you, and how to overcome this limiting behaviour.

If you’ve been feeling that you’re blocking yourself in some way, let this conversation be the catalyst for healing and release so you can begin to truly thrive.

Kathrin’s Website: The Self Sabotage Resolution
Instagram: instagram.com/kathrinniesel

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