Your Angel Guidance Monday 25th November – Sunday 1st December, 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 25th November – Sunday 1st December, 2019

“You’ve reached a place of knowing, knowing that the world around you offers nothing that could “complete” you. You are already complete and as such nothing more is needed, nothing more can be added. Everything lies inside you.

“We know you’ve heard this umpteen times before and you are “sick” of hearing it, but have you really heard or are you just listening? There is a difference. When you listen you hear words but know not their meaning. When you hear something, you understand the meaning behind the words.

“We want you to understand the meaning behind the words we say. When we say “everything lies inside you” what does this mean? What does this really mean? What could it mean?

“What does this mean for you?

“Everything lies inside you…

“You see yourself as a person in a material world but is that who you really are?

“What lies deep within you?

“Who are you at the core of your being?

“We want you to ponder these questions and to begin to think about the nature of who you are.

“You already know who you really are but you have forgotten. We encourage you to remember.

“You may reply “I am spirit, I am a spark of the Divine” or something along these lines, but again they are just words, the meaning behind them has been lost or not realised.

“Who are you? What is the purpose of your existence?

“There is no one answer to these questions. But if you ponder them, gradually you will come to know who you are. You will come to feel it deeply within you. And rather than saying “I am infinite spirit” you will know it, and you will not be able to put it into words because words cannot contain the vastness of who you are.”

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra Rea, an author, healer & spiritual teacher.

I’m here to help you to connect with the Angels and ignite your spiritual power. I’m the host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and Founder of the Fiercely Spiritual Family. I help you to create a life more extraordinary through meditation, manifestation and mastering your mindset.

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5 responses

  • It was my first time to do this but miraculously I saw my guidanian angel is in a form of a male being he has a strong golden colour like an iron,he holds a spear and a staff like something round meant for war, ok asked him his name I never got a response,I ask him about my boyfriend if he is the right man for me I never got a response I then ask again that if he is a right man for me how can I help him to be stable and be the man I want,the answer was a single word, LOVE,I ask what is my purpose in life the answer was a single word, PROTECTION,but I never get the response on who to protect and how, please Sandra help me in this.

    • That’s wonderful you saw your Angel. Keep connecting and asking questions. As you get to know your Angels it will become easier to receive guidance. You’re doing great so far!