Your Angel Guidance, Monday 29th June – Sunday 5th July 2020

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance, Monday 29th June – Sunday 5th July 2020

“Seek not to find what evades you. Seek only that which you are. When you realise you are already prosperous and abundant, you will no longer need to find these qualities as you will know that this is something you already are. In the seeming lack of abundance and prosperity you feel wanting. Know that this feeling only brings more wanting. It is the lack of which you seek that brings more lack. Be in the fullness of your being and you will never lack again. Be in the fullness of love. Be in the fullness of prosperity. Be in the fullness of the perfect self who you are.

“How, is a matter of words. Words cannot express how you wish to feel and as you read this, you may know how you wish to feel, but until you feel it you will not experience it. Knowing and being are worlds apart. Certainly the knowing is the precursor to being, in your mind, and it is good to know that which you want to be. Remember Beloved One, you never ceased to be in the fullness of your being, it was simply your experience of being which you disconnected from.

“Find a space to allow yourself to feel all that you wish to be. Play with your immense ability to be in the feeling in this moment. You always have this choice. Remember the times when you did experience abundance and prosperity. Recall how this felt. Allow yourself to be in this feeling for as long as you like. Ask us to enhance this feeling and we will gladly do so. And know that when you are feeling otherwise, please do not judge yourself. Always be gentle with yourself Dear Soul. Your love for yourself will heal you.”

Thank You for Being Here…

I’m Sandra Rea, an author, healer & spiritual teacher.

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