Your Angel Guidance Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd July 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd July 2018

“Know that there is a stream, a current of abundance flowing to you at all times. At ALL times. You don’t realise this because you have become very good at stepping out of the current. It is the most natural thing in the world to stay in the current of abundance but you have held yourself apart from it. This takes tremendous effort and leaves you feeling exhausted. Your abundance is there for you but it is flowing around you instead of directly to you and you are missing out.

“You have held yourself apart through fears, doubts and worries. If you could give up the fear, doubt and worry everything you want would flow into your life – everything! It’s ironic that the very thing that is keeping you apart from your abundance is your worries about receiving abundance.

“But how can I control my life if I stop worrying you ask? And you are right, in a sense you are controling your life through worry, you are controling keeping yourself apart from your good. What if you let go? What if you let go completely, absolutely? What then?

“It would feel like you are free falling to begin, and you are… you are falling out of the stasis you have held yourself in. This feels terrifying to you so most of you revert back to clinging onto the fears and worries that somehow feel safe. Don’t be fooled, there is nothing safe or wanted in fear.

“If you can sustain the free fall, then you would begin to feel free. Freer that you have ever felt before. Then the current of your desires would flow to you so unbounded that you would feel as if your life had opened up. Nothing you want would pass you by because you are in the thick of the current of life. It is no longer flowing around you, it is flowing directly to you without restriction.

“Can you accept that, can you accept the current of desires flowing to you unbounded? We know you can but are you willing to? It’s up to you. Free fall Beloved Ones. Let go.”

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  • I have been worried and also llet go but still abundance will come to u only when it has to . its natural to worry when u have bills to pay n don’t know iwhat your future holds

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