Your Angel Guidance Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th July 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th July 2018

“Your purpose is more straightforward than you think. Oh how you love to make it complicated. Let us simplify it for you. There is no purpose greater than the purpose you give yourself. You are the creator of your world and you have the freedom to choose. Of course, we hope you (and delight when you do) choose love as your highest calling.

“Oh but that’s too simple you say. What am I meant to DO, you ask? In truth, you don’t have to do anything but be the essence of love. That is your calling.

“This doesn’t mean to lack action of any sort. When you need to you will be inspired to act out of love but most of you act first with no regard to love as your higher calling. So we encourage you to sit with love first and foremost. Just sit, without any reason, any purpose, just to be in the presence of love. You are love but it is possible for you to hide its presence, to forget it is there inside you. So sit with love and be with it first. Get really good at this part!

“Then, when you have a question or have to make a decision, sit with love first. What would love do? What would love do? Ask yourself this over and over until you know the answer. This is different, very different, from how you usually find an answer. You’re used to thinking about the problem and analysing your options and then acting out of fear. What would love do? This is the only answer you need to know. It is the answer to every question you will ever have. What would love do?

“Love is accepting, love is compassionate, love is calm, love is kind, love is gentle, love is….

“What would love do?

“Love is your purpose. Love is your joy. Love is the answer you seek. Always and forevermore. Love is the gift you offer to yourself and to everyone else. Without love you would cease to exist. Without love there is nothing. There are no questions to answer. There is no purpose to fulfil. Love is the all and the everything.”

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